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What is The Definition of a Periodontist?

A dentist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment as well as the prevention of periodontal disease is known as a periodontist. This type of dental care provider can also place dental implantsWhat is The Definition of a Periodontist? as necessary. The periodontist is often tasked with treating oral inflammation and other related conditions. These professionals and experts in their field receive additional training in specific areas of dental treatment going beyond basic dental school [1]. They employ the latest techniques for diagnosing and treating gum disease. They can also provide cosmetic dental procedures as necessary.

Specialized Dental Medical Care

Specialized Dental Medical CareA periodontist will typically treat periodontal cases that are more problematic in nature. Patients with severe gum disease or more complicated medical histories usually turn to a periodontist. They often deal with infected tooth root treatments and other similar procedures. Patients with severe gum disease in many cases require advanced surgical procedures that are provided by this kind of specialized dental medical care. When visiting a periodontist you can expect to have all of your complete medical and dental records and history carefully reviewed. This will ensure that the proper treatment is made available [2].Checking For Any Loose Teeth

Checking For Any Loose Teeth

Those with heart disease, diabetes or anyone who is pregnant may require special treatment [3]. When visiting a periodontist, the gums are carefully checked and the gum line is inspected for any potential recession. The periodontist will also assess the patient’s bite and how the teeth fit together. Checking for any loose teeth, this expert dental care provider will use various types of devices to measure the gum line and to determine the depth of spaces in any areas known as periodontal pockets. In addition, the periodontist may take x-rays as a way to make a better determination of the overall condition of the teeth and gums. Contact your Tigard dentist, Dr. Rashidi at Washington Square Dental today to learn more.


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