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What Happens If Dental Implant Restoration Screws Become Loose?

This is a common question that is often asked. While dental implants enjoy an incredibly high success rate overall, there are rare instances Dental Implant Restoration where dental implant screws can indeed become loose over time. There are a number of different reasons why abutment screws can actually loosen up. For example, if forces are distributed unevenly in the internal connections of an implant screw, it may become loose over time. There are other instances where there may be a lack of proper torque with regard to an implants screw. In short, if a screw is not tightened adequately, it could be susceptible to becoming loose.

Become Loose Over Time

Today’s modern implant screws are extremely well designed, letting patients know that it is highly unlikely that an implant screw will ever become loosened. However, that said there are cases where force management is improper resulting in a post or screw eventually becoming less than fully secured [1]. Perhaps one of the more common reasons that an implant screw can become loose over time is that the bony profile of the patient is less than ideal. Everything from the path of insertion to the quality of the surrounding bone can have a direct impact on how successful an implant ultimately becomes.

Not Adequately SupportedNot Adequately Supported

In most instances if an implant is not successfully or completely seated it is likely due to the fact that the bony profile for the patient was for one reason or another substandard. When an implant screw is not adequately supported by healthy bone, it can be compromised due to excessive biting pressure or force. In fact, even a new dental implant may not fully seat for the same reason. When the bone in the jaw undergoes what is known as pressure necrosis the implant screw can ultimately become loose.

Require Bone Grafting

One of the best ways to avoid the loosening of implant screws is to adequately examine the bony profile where the implant will be placed. This helps to ensure that the patient is a good candidate for dental implant surgery. In some cases, patients may require bone grafting to provide an adequate base so the dental implants can be successfully placed [2]. Any time an individual encounters a loose implant screw they should contact their dental care provider as soon as possible. This will help to ensure that the situation does not become aggravated or worse over time.Require Bone Grafting

Innovative and Unique Technologies

In today’s modern dentistry there are more options and more choices than ever before when it comes to replacing missing teeth [3]. Dental implants are just one example of innovative and unique technologies that are used to help patients enjoy a more normal and more fulfilling way of life. From better outward appearance to greater functionality, dental implants have served patients well over the decades. Contact your dentist in Tigard, Dr. Rashidi at Washington Square Dental today to learn more about all that modern dental implant technology makes possible.


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