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Orthodontics and Invisalign Has Many Benefits Worth Considering

Today modern dentistry offers Orthodontics and Invisalign to patients providing the ability to have a better and more vibrant smile in an Orthodontics and Invisalign easier and more convenient way. Perhaps the most enticing advantage of using this type of orthodontics to improve a smile is that it simply offers flexibility for an active lifestyle. As a matter fact as long as you wear the Invisalign aligners for a minimum of 22 hours each day, you can remove them as necessary to fit your active lifestyle. This is a great advantage that other types of orthodontics do not offer [1].

Having a Photo Taken is No Longer an Issue

Having a Photo Taken is No Longer an IssueFor example, those who play contact sports and require easy removal of orthodontic appliances so that a mouth guard can be used find that Invisalign is an ideal option. As long as patients remember to put the aligners back in following sporting activity, they can ensure that the system will work as designed. Even something as simple as having a photo taken is no longer an issue thanks to Invisalign. The end result of taking full advantage of all that Orthodontics and Invisalign has to offer is that you end up with a healthier smile and greatly improved self-confidence [2].

A Wide Range of Health Related Problems

Nothing quite compares to straighter and more aligned teeth resulting in a beautifully attractive smile. This along with the health benefits of having correctly aligned teeth can simply not be ignored. A badly aligned bite or teeth that have become crowded can cause a wide range of health related problems. This can include everything from jaw pain to headaches and tooth grinding as well as gum disease and even inflammation that occurs throughout the entire body [3]. Talk with your Tigard dentist, Dr. Rashidi at Washington Square Dental today to learn more about Orthodontics and Invisalign and what it can do for you.


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