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How To Replace a Missing Tooth

Fortunately for many people today who have lost their teeth, they have options when it comes to replace a missing tooth [1]. For example, one How To Replace a Missing Tooth common strategy is to place a fixed dental bridge. This is often a good option and is really nothing more than two secured crowns holding an additional central false tooth in place. In essence the teeth on either side of the space where a tooth has gone missing are fitted with crowns. A false tooth is connected to the two crowns creating a bridge. This is a very stable option used for replacing a missing tooth and most importantly it feels and functions exactly like a natural tooth would perform. The only disadvantage to this option is that in many cases it requires two healthy teeth to be fitted with crowns.

Economical Replacement For Missing Teeth

Conversely, another option is to place a removable appliance. Simply stated, this is a removable partial denture it is considered an economical option for missing teeth. It is more cost-effective than a fixed bridge and can even be used to replace multiple teeth. Removable appliances come in many styles and designs and are often used by those who wish to avoid more extensive or more costly dental procedures. Dental BridgeKeep in mind that a removable appliance of this nature will typically not be as aesthetically pleasing or stable as a permanently fixed or secured bridge [2]. A removable partial also requires a greater amount of maintenance.

Carefully Placed Artificial Root

In addition, dental implants are typically one of the best options today when it comes to replacing a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. A dental implant is nothing more than a carefully placed artificial root that is positioned directly into the jawbone following a tooth extraction. Once the dental implant root or post has been placed, an artificial tooth is then attached. One of the most obvious benefits of the dental implant is that it is in many ways almost completely like a natural tooth that is permanently affixed into the jawbone. Keep in mind that with a dental implant surrounding teeth do not have to be modified.

Dental Implant

Tooth Replacement Technology

There are no crowns to attach and perfectly healthy teeth are left intact. Implants are so reliable that they can be used to replace multiple missing teeth across a substantial span. As long as there is adequate bone to support the actual implant device, a patient can enjoy all of the incredible benefits associated with this type of tooth replacement technology. While dental implant technology can be more expensive than other options it is perhaps one of the most permanent and most reliable solutions available today when it comes to missing teeth [3]. As a major side advantage, dental implants help to preserve the jawbone over the long-term. Contact your Tigard dental care provider, Dr. Rashidi at Washington Square Dental to learn more about the remarkable advantages associated with today’s modern dental implant solutions.


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