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How Do I Properly Brush and Floss?

First, it is indeed a matter of fact that there is a right and wrong way to brush and floss. This short and highly informative article will focus on the right way to do both. Brushing and flossing in the

How Do I Properly Brush and Floss?

right way will help keep your teeth healthy and attractive. The best way to brush simply involves placing the toothbrush at approximately a 45° angle when talking about the surface of the tooth. This should be done approximately where the gums and teeth meet. Next, using a small circular motion, gently brush teeth as well as the gums in an organized fashion.

Actually Result in Damage To The Tooth Enamel

Brush and FlossThis is important so that you do not miss any teeth when brushing. A couple of items worth noting include being cautious to not apply excessive pressure or brush in an abrasive way. This can actually result in damage to the tooth enamel and may even damage soft tissue of the gums [1]. The next important consideration is that of proper flossing. Even though your teeth may feel clean and refreshed following brushing, bacteria and food particles will still be lodged between the spaces of the teeth [2]. When flossing, use approximately an 18-inch long piece of floss and wrap one end around the middle finger on both hands.Gently Curve The Floss Around Each Tooth

Gently Curve The Floss Around Each Tooth

Next, using the index fingers isolate a four or 5 inch piece of the floss between each finger and start working the floss between where the teeth come into contact with each other. Moving down towards the gums it is best to be careful not to cause any undue trauma to the gums or the gum line. Once the floss is securely through where the teeth come into contact, gently curve the floss around each tooth and then move it back and forth as a way to dislodge debris. Follow these simple yet important strategies as a way to enjoy better dental hygiene [3]. Contact your dentist in Tigard. Dr. Rashidi at Washington Square Dental today to learn more.


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