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“I Need an Emergency Dentist in Tigard, OR!” What Are Your Options?

Dental emergencies in Tigard, OR are quite a common occurrence. It’s very important to understand what kinds of injuries require emergency dental care so you and your family are protected, without any excessive trips to emergency rooms. Occasionally, dental issues require a trip to the emergency room but often times, these issues can be fixed by an emergency dentist in Tigard, OR at our dental office during office hours.

emergency dentist in tigard, or
Need an emergency dentist in Tigard, OR from a cracked tooth? Contact us!

The most common types of dental emergencies stem from broken, cracked, or knocked out teeth. These injuries can happen from simply biting into something too hard or can stem from immediate trauma to your mouth. Whether you hit your mouth on something and are now missing a tooth or if you’re experiencing pain from an infected tooth, Dr. Shahin Rashidi (an emergency dentist in Tigard, OR) can help!

If you request a visit for an emergency dental visit in Tigard, OR, make sure you provide us some details regarding what the issue is and what you believe to have started the problem. In traumatic incidences where a tooth has chipped badly, or you lost a tooth, Dr. Shahin Rashidi at Washington Square Dental may even be able to schedule you in outside of regular office hours.

emergency dentist in tigard, or
Dental emergencies happen. Let us help!

“I need an emergency dentist in Tigard, OR right now!” If the issue is an emergency that is not causing extreme amounts of pain, we’d request that you let us know and we can fit you into our next day’s regular office hours. This reduces Dr. Rashidi’s need to be on call and if Dr. Shahin Rashidi is unable to see you immediately, also saves you a costly visit to an emergency room.

When a tooth comes out that isn’t a baby tooth, it’s important to preserve the socket as best you can before you schedule immediate dental care. The best method to do this is to place the tooth back into the socket and to bite down on a wet tea bag or gauze. It’s important to note here that the tooth won’t reattach itself so it’s important to make sure you do not swallow the tooth or gauze. If you can’t get the tooth back into the socket, try to preserve the tooth by placing it in a glass of milk and contacting our emergency dentist in Tigard, OR right away.

Not all emergency dental needs stem from traumatic incidences. Sometimes infections can happen that cause serious amounts of mouth pain, with little-to-no other symptoms. It’s important to seek immediate medical care if pain is present and we would likely try to get you in that same day to care for you.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency and you need an emergency dentist in Tigard, OR, give Washington Square Dental a call and we’d be happy to get you the care you deserve as soon as we possibly can.