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Diet and Its Impact On Dental Health

One of the easiest ways to understand how diet can impact oral and dental health is to simply turn to the American Dental AssociationDiet and Its Impact On Dental Health On the American Dental Association website there is information that offers an in-depth understanding of diet and dental health overall. This information goes into detail on how the foods that we choose to eat and how often we them can directly impact dental health as well as general health. More specifically, diet directly impacts the teeth and the gums [1]. For example, those who consume too much sugar-laden foods and drinks like soda and candy will likely experience greater levels of dental health related problems.

Tiny Crevices and Cracks In and Around Teeth

Soda is particularly a problem because it is a liquid sugar in essence that works its way into the tiny crevices and cracks in and around teeth. Ultimately tooth decay is the result of poor diet choices. Keep in mind that tooth decay is one of the most prevalent types of childhood diseases when it comes to overall dental health and oral hygiene. The good news is that even the worst cases of tooth decay can be avoided by simply changing one’s diet. As a note, in most cases tooth decay is the result of sugar coming into contact with plaque on the teeth [2]. This ultimately results in the production of acid that directly targets and attacks teeth.

Avoid Processed Sugar

This Is The Best Way To Avoid Processed Sugar

Always remember that sugar found in many processed foods today will in most cases directly contribute to ongoing tooth decay. One of the best ways to avoid sugar is to be an aware consumer and know what you are buying. Read labels and understand the nutritional information found on ingredients lists associated with various foods and beverages. This is the best way to avoid processed sugar. Also keep in mind that eating healthy foods like an apple that contains natural sugar is far less damaging to teeth. This is especially true considering the fact that an apple, for example, has natural fiber that helps to clean teeth and reduce the chances of tooth decay.Stick With A Variety Of Healthy Foods

Stick With A Variety Of Healthy Foods

Making smart choices overall can be as easy as choosing to drink a lot of fresh clean water as opposed to soda containing sugar. Try to stick with a variety of healthy foods that are non-processed and then contain few additives. For example, whole grains, fruits and vegetables as well as lean healthy protein are usually the best options for those genuinely concerned about their oral hygiene and dental health. Avoid snacking between meals and brush frequently. All of these practices along with flossing and visiting your dental care provider at least twice a year can keep your teeth healthy, strong and looking great [3]. Contact your Tigard dentist, Dr. Rashidi at Washington Square Dental today to learn more about how your diet impacts your dental health and wellness.


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