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Does Dental Cleaning Whiten Teeth?

This is an important topic that should be considered by those who are concerned about their outward visual appearance. Teeth tend to discolor over time and even become stained due to the types dental cleaning vs teeth whiteningof foods that we eat and the liquids we drink. Smoking, chewing tobacco and other things can also cause considerable discoloration to otherwise healthy and natural looking teeth. Considering dental cleaning vs teeth whitening, the question often comes up as to whether or not professional teeth cleaning can actually whiten teeth. Even those who have had braces on for a long time may find teeth whitening to be an essential dental service that should be considered.

Embedded Within the Tooth

In essence, any discolorations that are not deep and are located on the surface of the tooth can actually be addressed through a professional teeth-cleaning session. However, that said it is important to note that discolorations that are deep and embedded within the tooth and the tooth enamel itself will typically not respond to a routine cleaning. This is where whitening treatment may indeed be necessary. Talking with your dental care provider is the best way to know for sure which technique or procedure will be best for your specific dental health needs.

Plaque and Cavities

Professionally Performed Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening there are many options. There are over-the-counter kits that can be purchased where whitening can actually be done at home. Conversely, more professionally performed teeth whitening is typically done through a dental care provider’s office. Again, the best way to know for sure which whitening method is best for your exact needs is to talk with a dentist about your unique situation.

Plaque and Cavities

When actually having a dental cleaning performed, a dental hygienist will do a complete examination of your mouth to determine the overall health and condition of the gums and teeth. Teeth are checked for general integrity while gums are inspected for possible gum disease. Tartar, plaque and cavities are also addressed at this time. Dental hygienists use a small dental tool known as a scaler to remove tartar and plaque. This is usually followed by a thorough dental cleaning, using a professional electric toothbrush.

Routine Dental CleaningRoutine Dental Cleanings

Finally, the dental hygienist will use toothpaste that is typically grittier than normal toothpaste to scrub the teeth and remove any tarter or plaque that remains after a scaler has been used. A final flossing along with a liquid rinse that includes fluoride treatment rounds out the procedure. As a note, fluoride is used to protect the teeth against cavities and is used in most cases for dental cleanings every six months. The importance of regular routine dental cleanings cannot be over-stressed. This helps to keep teeth clean, healthy and free of plaque and tartar while also allowing your dental care professional to keep a close eye on the overall health and condition of your teeth. Contact your Tigard dental care professional, Dr. Rashidi today to learn more about dental cleanings and teeth whitening for a more beautiful smile.