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Children and The Importance of Quality Orthodontic Care

Orthodontic treatment is an important and essential part of ensuring that children have healthy, vibrant and attractive teeth. That said keepChildren and The Importance of Quality Orthodontic Care in mind that some children will require quality orthodontic care. However, it is essential that all children have their teeth monitored throughout the developmental growth stages. This is to help ensure that dental problems that may arise are detected in the earliest stages. As most know, the earlier a problem is identified the less invasive type procedures or treatments will be required to remedy the problem [1].

Excessive Gaps Between Teeth and Especially The Front Teeth

Excessive Gaps Between Teeth and Especially The Front TeethWhen it comes to children having their first permanent teeth appear, usually at around the age of six, it is best to ensure that periodic monitoring of a child’s jaw and overall teeth development continues through around the age of seven. There are certain telltale signs that may indicate early orthodontic treatment would be beneficial. For example, if the teeth appear to be coming in crowded, quality orthodontic care may be warranted. In addition, excessive gaps between teeth and especially the front teeth may also indicate reason for concern. An overbite or under-bite is equally worth noting in terms of developmental issues in children. In addition, there are many cases of children going through a period where they grind or clench their teeth [2].Early Treatment is Always The Best Option

Early Treatment is Always The Best Option

Sometimes this occurs during the day while at other times it happens during the night while they are sleeping. Either way, grinding or clenching can create damage in otherwise healthy teeth. From the early loss of permanent teeth to difficulty in chewing, there are many aspects of childhood dental developmental growth that must be considered. Even cheek biting and thumb sucking should be taken into account. Early treatment is always the best option as a way to reduce damage to or the misalignment of permanent teeth [3]. Contact your Tigard dentist, Dr. Rashidi at Washington Square Dental today to learn more.


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